I Create Because I Breath...

People ask me how do I know what I'm going to paint, and my answer is simple... I DON'T!  My paintings are an expression of what is happening in my life, but, can I tell you that I had this specific idea in mind, NO.  That's because the painting already exists on the canvas when I cut the canvas.  The image is there on the blank canvas...in my mind's eys.  Yet it's not fully formed.

Do I see it clearly yet, no, but it begins to take shape at that moment.  Almost as if its presence is felt, like th mist in the early morning.  As I continue to prepare the canvas the image moves into focus, demaning the texture and shapes and the palette comes into existence.

When it's done, I know it's finished because I can see the signature and where it belongs.

-- Cornelia Vera MacFadyen --