Comment by: Bill Young
Wow. Interesting. Beautiful works of art.

Comment by: Jeannie Perez
I've been viewing your inspired artwork, and I want to congratulate you on your success. You are very good, & I look forward to viewing your future works.
Comment by: Sarine Nieuwenhuis
Thank you for responding to my email regarding Your paintings are very pleasing to the eyes. I could live with them in my living room. If you are exposing somewhere, I would gladly come. - Sarine
Comment by: Roberto P. Planas, Jr.
powerful images, subtle, strong and thought provoking. all the best and congrats on following your passions', lifes' real work.
Comment by: Amy Cohen Banker
Congratulations on your beautiful art.
Comment by: Susan
Website: None
Your work is so powerful. I find it intriguing.

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